Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Wally Jolly Christmas Tour

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for North Florida.

1. Sidewalk Prophets Know How To Bring The Christmas

Musicians have been putting out Christmas albums since the time of vinyl! Everyone puts their own spin on traditional Christmas classics and some even try their hand at writing new Christmas songs – and that’s where Sidewalk Prophets kick it into high gear! These guys have put out one of the most amazing Christmas albums we’ve ever heard – and it’s FULL of new, original Christmas songs that are sure to become classics. And you’ll get to hear songs like this, your favorite Christmas hits, and fun Christmas sing alongs all at the Wally Jolly Christmas Tour!

2. Hear More From New Artists Citizen Way

Speaking of interpreting classic songs…Citizen Way took on the daunting task of re-inventing a classic with their single…Amazing Grace! And they did NOT disappoint! “How Sweet The Sound” practically lived on the Music Team 10 for weeks! And at the Wally Jolly Christmas Tour you’ll get to hear all of their other amazing songs plus their own take on Christmas!

3. Fun and Games With The Wally Show

If there’s one thing we can say about Wally it’s that he’s not traditional…so you can only imagine how Wally is going to choose to celebrate Christmas this night…We’ve got lots of games in store that we’ll need YOU on stage for that come with some VERY special presents…don’t peek!


But the number 1 reason why you won’t want to miss the Wally Jolly Christmas Tour is because TICKETS ARE SELLING FAST. As a matter of fact VIP and Gold Circle tickets are already SOLD OUT. But don’t panic – we still have plenty of general admission tickets waiting with your name on them! But don’t wait – if they sell as fast as the VIP and Gold Circle tickets did we could be looking at a sold out show!

So don’t miss it!
Join us December 13th at Christian Heritage Church in Tallahassee for the Wally Jolly Christmas Tour

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